Coming soon, Paul’s fiction debut: Bella Figura

A woman falls from the sky.

David Isabella is a once-promising young journalist who has been fired by the New York Times. He has returned to the hometown he fled—and the newspaper he turned down—three years earlier, hoping for a prodigal’s chance.

As the story opens in the year 1994, he is stuck in traffic beneath City Hall. He has just left a humiliating job interview with the city editor of the Buffalo News, where it was made clear that the disgraced reporter has no future there, or anywhere.

Through the open convertible top, Isabella is idly photographing the City Hall dome, which looms above him. Through the lens, he sees the falling woman, headed straight toward him. He photographs her all the way down, until she lands on the hood of his car, three feet from killing him. Through the shattered remains of his windshield, he takes her picture again. And realizes: he knows her.

With a dead woman on the hood of his car and film of her death plunge in his camera, Isabella resolves to save his career by finding out why she killed herself.