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The blog for this site, which collects my thoughts on writing, creativity, and the various and sundry.

 POV: Creativity at

POV: Creativity

On the website of OmniSkills, LLC, my training and facilitation company, occasional blog posts of my POV (point of view) on creativity, creative process, and things alike and akin. Click the logo to view all blog posts at

 Blog posts at

Innovation Bound blog

On the website of an OmniSkills partner company, Innovation Bound, LLC, blog posts on innovation-related topics. Click the logo to view all of my blog posts at

I, 40: blogging from the road

I, 40: A Man, a Month, a Midlife Crisis

When I turned 40, I decided to have my midlife crisis, which meant a convertible, a solo drive across the country, and time to contemplate what to do with the second half of my life. One lesson: be careful what you wish for. Click the “I, 40” logo to follow the journey as it was blogged from the road in 2002.

Not For Mere Mortals blog

Not For Mere Mortals: Parenting Superpowers 

With a friend and fellow parent, a blog to accompany our in-progress book, Parenting Superpowers. Click the image to visit the blog.