Authors Lab

You know that book you have inside you?
Let a coach and a cohort help you get it on the outside.

Forming now: Authors Lab Cohorts 2015. 

Here’s what it is and how it works.

First, you apply, so that we can learn more about the book you want to write, and your commitment to doing so. Up to 12 members are accepted into each cohort. Then, during 2015, facilitated by Paul Reali, all of the following will happen:

  • You will participate in monthly writing workshops, online or in-person (if you are in the Charlotte, NC, area).
  • You will participate in an online community with your cohort, who will travel this road with you.
  • With the help of Paul and your cohort, you will imagine and then clarify your book’s purpose and target audience.
  • You will outline the work, write it, and revise it.
  • You will have deadlines.
  • You will have a monthly one-on-one editorial meeting with Paul.
  • You will meet with your entire cohort at least monthly for socializing, critical readings and emotional support.
  • By December 31 (yes, by December 31…did we mention the deadlines thing?) you will have reached the intended destination (depending on program): completed the first draft of your manuscript, or the final draft.

The 2015 cohorts are based on the work you are writing, and the stage you are in:

  1. New Novelists: Getting the First Draft Done
  2. Novels-in-Progress: Getting to the Final Draft
  3. Non-Fiction: From Proposal to Product
  4. Creativity in Print: Writing a Book for ICSC Press

The cost to join the Authors Lab is just $200 per month. Want an application? Have questions? Email Paul.